SquadCast App v5.0.3


SquadCast App v5.0.3

Introducing new hotfixes for the SquadCast Platform

Please read on for details of resolved and outstanding issues. Let us know (contact [email protected]) if you experience any of the following, and we can help make it right.

We have fixed the following issues reported by users:

  • No cloud recordings after equipment check fix
  • Several UI Fixes to dashboard
  • All invitation emails (On Stage, Backstage, and Team) are now being sent and received successfully
  • Browser equipment light is now turning off after leaving a Recording Session
  • Help menu is now accessible in the top navigation
  • Recordings file names are now unique between multiple recordings
  • First recording now creates Take 1
  • Screen recordings are now displaying as expected
  • Onboarding tour is now less intrusive
  • Search results are now in pages of 50
  • Access to Recording Sessions is now controlled by roles
  • SavvyCal, Captivate, and Zapier scheduled Recording Sessions are now accessible in app and invite links resolve to the correct recording session
  • Backwards compatibility for v1 API Keys with v2 API endpoints
  • Backwards compatibility for v1 API endpoints with default/fallback Show
  • Clicking Hide Yourself before clicking Record does not produce a recording – temporarily removed

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