SquadCast App v5.0.5


SquadCast App v5.0.5

Introducing new hotfixes for the SquadCast Platform

Please read on for details of resolved and outstanding issues. Let us know (contact [email protected]) if you experience any of the following, and we can help make it right.


Hotfixes & Features

This is a list of hotfixes and new features available in this version

  • Redesigned and improved the Integrations Page and Settings. Allowing customers to pick more integrations to use across SquadCast.
  • Improved File Mixing Progress and now displays mixing directly on the recent take.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Show Manager role will be overwritten while in a recording.
  • Minor changes to the Edit Organization Page.
  • Minor changes to the Show Sidebar Nav.
  • Improvements to UI when adding Team Members across the App.
  • Improved Error Messages to Failed Login and Signups.
  • Minor improvements to dark mode across the App.
  • Minor UI changes to Green Room and Studio Pages.
  • Significant improvements to UI/UX across the App for Mobile users.
  • Fixed an issue where some recordings may fail if the user had incorrect permissions.

Errors and Issues

This is a list of errors and Issues the support team and developer team is aware of and working to fix.

  • Recording on MacOS with Chrome is causing an Audio Delay and a Desync issue in the final Primary MP4 Recording. At this time, it is recommended you do not use Chrome with MacOS to Record Primary Recordings.
    • Solution: If you would still like to use Chrome with MacOS, we recommend enabling Pilot Program to use a new Recording Engine. This issue affects Chrome, and the Chrome Development Team is aware of the issue. This issue is not related to just SquadCast recordings. See Pilot Program Features below**


Pilot Program Features

We are offering the following Features to test for this release.
To enable Pilot Program follow these steps

  • A New Way to Render MP4 Recordings from Chrome on all devices.
    • This new Recording Engine will aid with the issue reported in the above Errors and Issues callout. Please Note this new Recording Engine will NOT generate a .webm file for recordings. This is a temporary workaround.

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Community Updates and New Demo Video!

Check out our new demo video showcasing all the new features in Studio and Backstage!