Backwards Compatibility

Add Backwards Compatibility for v1 and v2 API Keys

♻️ Backwards Compatibility

Some integrations are unable to use multi-step factorziation.
You can specific which Show your API Key should be associated with in the case where the specific API or Integration you're working with is unable to fetch your Shows.


Why you might need Backwards Compatibility

This is a fallback options for integrations to pick which Show to manage. We will always attempt to respect the Show that you pass in the API Routes. If no Show is specified we will default to your first Show in your Organization.

Setting Backwards Compatibility

  1. Login to <<>> and navigate to <<>>.

  2. You can either create a new API or modify an existing Key. Select the 3 dot menu on the left side of your API Key.

  3. Select the option Apply Backwards Compatibility

  4. This will bring up the Backwards Compatibility Modal and allow you to choose a default show for this API key to fall back to.

This will set the selected show as the default show for this key. You can change shows whenever you like.