Captivate Integration

Captivate Partnered Integration with SquadCast

🎙️ Captivate Partnered Integration

Captivate gives you the freedom and flexibility to make podcasting yours. Connect your SquadCast account directly on Captivate. This integration is available on Captivate at


Captivate <> SquadCast allows publish and manage your PodCast!

Captivate enables you to quickly schedule recording sessions on SquadCast from their booking feature. Captivate gives podcasters the ability to Promotion, Distripute, and Host their Podcast!

Connecting your Captivate to SquadCast

Connect SquadCast with Guest Booking on Captivate! Captivate's integration allows you to connect to SquadCast so that you are able to book on Captivate and record on SquadCast! When your Guest books with you on Captivate the integration will automatically set up a new Recording Session on SquadCast for you to connect and record when the time comes. Setting up the integration is easy.

  1. Before you start, you will need both a SquadCast and a Captivate account to complete this integration
  2. Create a new API Secret Key within your SquadCast Account page, we recommend the name "Captivate Booking".
  3. Copy the new API Key to your clipboards
  4. Navigate to your Captivate Dashboard
  5. Select Integrations under the Promotion section within the sidebar on the left
  6. Click on the Connect SquadCast button
  7. Paste the new API Key into the SquadCast API Key input
  8. Click on the Connect SquadCast button to save it
  9. Select Booking Settings under the Guest Bookings section within the sidebar on the left
  10. Scroll down to the Third-Party Integrations section and click on the Integration Provider dropdown menu
  11. Select SquadCast and click the Save Changes button to lock it in
    That's it!!


Guest Booking with Captivate

From now on, when a Guest books with you through Captivate a Recording Session on SquadCast will automatically be scheduled at that time. Host and Guest Invite Links will be added to your booking for you to click, connect, and record together.

If you need more help you can also view Captivate's Official Support Document over at Captivate <> SquadCast Integration